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Weddings can often be a very complex and stressful event to organise.

I would like to help you with this process by walking you through each stage of the ceremony.

At our first meeting we will chat about what sort of wedding ceremony you are planning and share ideas. I will also explain the legal process going forward.

This initial meeting generally takes about 30 – 45 minutes. When you decide to go ahead with my services I will:

  • Write your script for the ceremony and email you the revised versions until you are happy with it.
  • Provide you with a wide selection of poems and readings. You can choose from any of these and use in your wedding ceremony.
  • You can also provide me with any material you would like me to use in the ceremony.
  • Offer a selection of music ideas for the ceremony if required.
  • Conduct a rehearsal with you and your wedding party, leading up to your wedding if requested.
  • Provide a professional PA System. This can also play your wedding music through an ipod function.
  • Provide you with your marriage certificate after the ceremony.
  • Lodge all relevant legal paper work for the marriage.

Celebrant prices vary considerably as does the experience and service provided. It is very important you have a good connection with your celebrant and ensure you feel able to design the ceremony to suit your unique requirements.

Please do feel free to phone me on 0414 863 777 should you have any further questions or to make a time to meet.